Concise Briefing – Parish Registers

Concise Briefing on English/Welsh Parish Records

Crib Sheet report

Concise Briefing on English/Welsh Parish Registers
Concise Briefing – English/Welsh Parish Registers


Learn about the Parish Registers and more. Plus: what resources to use researching your ancestors in England and Wales.

In England and Wales the Parish was the smallest local administrative unit recording people’s vital records from the reign of Henry VIII.

Discover how to find your English and Welsh ancestors with this easy Concise Briefing 6 page report that explains the Established Church’s Parish Register records, Bishop’s Transcripts and more. This report reveals which top resources to use and where to begin your search for your ancestors from England and Wales.

Indicates some of the websites that can be useful for finding English and Welsh ancestors in the Parish Registers to include those that are free and those that are subscription based commercial sites.



Who is this aimed at? – This will provide a good crib-sheet of where to look and what can be found for the family history researcher on the trail of an English or Welsh ancestor in the Parish Registers.



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