Family History Articles by Nick Thorne reviewed

I have been writing about researching British family history for several years and I am often contracted to put together a case-study article using the records of TheGenealogist. The aim of these pieces are to showcase how you can discover your English or Welsh ancestors by using their data website. These pieces appear all over the place, with or without my name as the author as they use them for publicity. Some of these articles are written exclusively for their website’s ‘Featured Article’ section, including those about the UK series of Who Do You Think You Are? celebrities:

Other stories are use by their business as promotional articles in several of the British family tree magazines such as Your Family History Magazine (and its predecessor the U.K. published Your Family Tree Magazine),  Family Tree, Discover Your Ancestors Bookazine and Discover Your Ancestors Periodical.

If you want a taste of what I have written in the past then you couldn’t do better than looking at Genealogy Reviews  where a number of the magazine articles have been republished online at this genealogy review site:

Lastly, I am proud to note that some of my articles are being used as FREE samples on the Discover Your Ancestors website:

Discover Your Ancestors Bookazine