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Hello, I am Nick Thorne,

At this time there are more people than ever who are wondering where they came from and what their ancestors did.

Never before has it been possible for the average person, with just a home connection to the internet, to research their family history so easily! At least that is what they would have you believe.

Tracing your family tree is billed as being simpler than ever to do.

Thanks to personal computers and the Internet this can be so. But while you don’t have to go to dusty libraries to make a start on rooting out your family branches any more, it’s still not as straightforward as it seems on the Genealogy TV shows, or the big genealogical websites would have you believe, from their advertising.

I see those TV commercials for ancestry look-up-sites and it all seems like you just click! click! click! and hey presto: instant information on your great-great grandparents.

Isn’t it frustrating when it is not that easy?

I’m a family historian and I have traced my roots back for hundreds of years in both England and Scotland. I’ve been researching for more than nine years and I’ve had some terrific success. I’ve found family members, previously hidden within the census databases, by using my knowledge of the pitfalls of this government data collection.

Has your ancestor gone missing?

So many people lose a past family member. Someone who has not been counted in one census or another, for an unexplained reason. Perhaps the problem is that the ancestor is there, in the census data, but has been enumerated under another name different from the one expected.

Don’t make this easy mistake!

Some family tree researchers get frustrated and plunge in to the data set and spot a name that is the same as an ancestor of theirs. They then end up latching onto completely the wrong family tree, because they’re not analyzing the information correctly.

Beginners and intermediate researchers alike.

It’s actually quite a common problem, for a lot of amateur family historians, both at beginners level and even for those intermediate level researchers.

Many folks will also start by making a big leap across the world and travel to their family’s homeland, without knowing how to productively spend their time when they get there.

I can show you the best way to break down these brick walls…

and the tricks that a good genealogist would use to work their way around the blockade…

to spring over it, or to get under it!

find your English ancestors

I was like many of you, when I started out.

I had seen the British Genealogy documentary television series Who Do You Think You Are? This was way back in 2004, when it was first broadcast in the United Kingdom.

The programme, featured, as it still does today, a celebrity that went on a journey to discover their roots. Along the way the celeb found out about ancestors in their family tree. An incredible eight series have been broadcast that regularly attract an audience in Britain of 6 million viewers!

Ten international adaptations of the show have been produced in America, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Poland and South Africa.

Back in October 2004 I saw the second episode of the first series. You see, at that time I wasn’t really that interested in the concept of family history to have even bothered to watch the first episode!

It was here that I saw that it was possible to go online and look up your family in the 1901 census. At that time this was the latest that was available for England Wales and I got to thinking that my grandfather would have been alive at that time, albeit as a young child.

All that I knew was that his name was Hubert Thorne. But I didn’t know the names of his parents, my great-grandparents… so I asked my dad what his grandfather was called. I figured that I could identify the correct Hubert Thorne, when I looked in the online census, once I had their names from my dad.

My father thought for a moment and said… “Well, we called him Grandpa.”

Agh! So no help there then!

I cast my mind back to my own childhood and remembered a kindly great-aunt called Aunty Winnie. My logic was that I would search for a Hubert and a Winnie as children in a household in Paignton, Devon, where I thought the family came from.

But Winnie was in fact Eveline Winifred and so she was enumerated as Eveline W Thorne in the census… So you see it was not as easy as it had looked to me in the TV programme. How many of you have found that, I wonder?

Curious to know how I eventually found the correct household?

Well the answer is that I went back to basics! I asked more members of the family to tell me what they remembered about our relations.

This is the proper way to begin family research and this is what I show in my weekly modules.


Online family history researcherWith some family information duly gathered I then did a course. It cut through the problems, explained some of the tips and tricks that professional genealogists use and showed
me how to get the best out of the websites and databases out there.

I was taught how to work laterally to find forebears (ancestors to you and me), I discovered techniques that made it easy to push over some of my brick walls and
from that day on I’ve used these tools to advance my own family tree and to help others to push theirs back several generations.

I have traced one English line to 1700s Devon, and a Scottish line back to the 1200s – which is very rare indeed! I can’t promise that you will get back that far, as my success with that Scots branch was because one of my ancestors, several generations back, came from an aristocratic family and so they feature on a pedigree that had been completed by the family’s genealogists some years back.

Professional Genealogist adds his contribution.

In this series of tutorials, that I have gathered together, Anthony Adolph, a professional genealogist and author, has written a report for us on tracing
aristocratic ancestors. He explains how many more of us, than we may think, have these types of ancestors; even if we are descended from them “on the wrong side of the blanket”!

There are also contributions from other professional genealogists and online content providers including Mark Bayley, Head of Online Content at TheGenealogist.

And, of course, there are those modules written by myself from the practical experience I’ve gained of disentangling my roots and branches.


Over the years I have created and published several different kinds of tutorials in the British family history niche including a package about Beginning Family History that got the following review from’s UK PR Manager Annabel Bernhardt at that time:

“… will no doubt help lots of people starting out in family history research.”

no doubt help lots of people starting out in family history research

I have also released a Family History Help Product as an Audio CD. This is an in-depth Question and Answer Audio CD format had the following review in a nationally respected family history magazine in Britain:

“The one-hour tutorial concisely describes the use of key pre-1837 records, addressing both those that can be found online and those that will require a trip to a local studies centre or record office.

…some good teaching points are made.”

Family History Monthly Issue 199.

family history monthly quote

Both these products are still available from my Nosey Genealogist website.


But now I’m offering my most in depth English and Welsh family-tree-research course ever. You’ll get 52 weekly modules delivered to your computer, so that you can peruse them at your own speed and at the time that you want!

I’m calling this resource the “Family History Researcher Tutorials”

Members Access to Family History Researcher

Here are some quotes that I have on file from members who have already joined:

“You communicate in an understandable way! Thank you for the modules that I have had so far” P. Martin.

“I have enjoyed the time as a FHR member and thank you for your helping hand in trying to solve a problem printing out the guides.” T. M.   U.K.

“I would like to thank you for the resources, which I have received weekly, they are very interesting and informative, also a big thank you for the brilliant customer service .” P Beilby.

“I am finding the course very useful, even though I have been doing family history for many years.” Kind Regards, H. Stephens.


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You can receive the full 52 modules for only £70 and save £62 on the regular price of £11 a month x 12 months. That’s right, you will only have to pay a one off amount with no reoccurring charges ! You can see that I am so sure that you will be impressed by the value I include that I have put my money where my mouth is.

The modules are packed with information that will provide you with many useful tips and techniques to help you research your English or Welsh family history.

So what do you get by joining my Family History Researcher Guides membership site?

4 Tips that professional genealogists use

2 Quick ways to push your family history research even further back in time

Analysis of which data sets can really help you to expand your tree

How to find new leads

What other information can be used to build the story of your ancestor’s life? (We all know that cold statistics like date of birth marriage and death can be so boring!)

All this delivered in a package of 52 weekly modules in Pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat) with a download link inside a private members area of the website each week, for as long as you remain a member

Fantastic value: Your one time charge is just £70 !


The first 100 people to order from this page will also receive a free copy of my report:

– 8 Steps To Breaking Down Those Brick Walls In Family Research.

family history report

So don’t put this off until its too late.

Special offer of £70, saving £62 off the normal cost of this course.

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My Full Satisfaction Guarantee Promise To You

So what do you think? Don’t you agree that I’ve provided you with a really great deal here? I hope you do. And look, I’m so totally convinced that these Family History Researcher Tutorial Guides are brilliant value that I’m putting my money where my mouth is and issuing you with my cast iron guarantee.

I want you to understand that I am genuine. I’m here for the long run and I dearly hope that you’ll become a customer of mine for life.

Guarantee: Your Money Will Be Returned By PayPal At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You Are Unhappy.

Listen, here’s the thing: I have thought long and hard about this and decided to offer you a 60 day, money back guarantee. I stand behind my materials completely and know that you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly the results.

For your peace of mind, know that a refund is available any time in the next 60 days by simply emailing me if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Remember the first 100 people who join the site will receive a free copy of my report: 8 Steps to Breaking Down Those Brick Walls in Family Research.

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P.S. This is a no-brainer: you’ll get years of genealogical research boiled down to 52 guides of ‘no-fluff’ content in detailed, step-by-step format for this
special offer of £70, saving £62 off the normal cost of this course.

P.P.S. In less than 24 hours you can begin to break down your family tree brick walls as I guide you through English family history with my tips and tricks that I have personally used for many years.

P.P.P.S. Some reports are now written by experienced professional genealogist guest writers, who add their vast knowledge in the subject to this resource club.

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Special offer of £70, saving £62 off the normal cost of this course.






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